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List Residence Orosei. Consult below our list of residences in Orosei. We do offer several special offers, discounts and reviews to better choose between the different residences: after having done an online estimate for your preferred residence in Orosei, you can book online, by email, phone or Skype.

If you are looking for a memorable holiday in Sardinia we propose you an apartment in the Golfo di Orosei coast. Our residences by the sea are set in a pristine landscape consisting of white sandy beaches, crystal waters and Mediterranean scrub. This is the perfect destination for all those who want to attend to sea activities like diving, with the amazing visit of the wreck of the German cargo sunk during the Second World War or the boat trips for discovering the beautiful bays of the Gulf, a paradise of sea and cliffs, including the visit to Grotta del Bue Marino, the famous grotto that got its name from the monk seals which used it as a refuge. By choosing an apartment in Orosei you will live one of the most charming hamlets of the whole island, full of ancient churches and historical monuments, like for example the old oratories and the architectonic complex of Saint Antony with evocative frescos and the medieval tower used in the past as defence from the Moors invasion. Book now your stay and begin to plan your holiday based on relax, nature and traditions.

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