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Badesi, set on the outskirts of Gallura, is the perfect destination for all those who want to spend a holiday in Sardinia closely with nature, among the lush countryside and beautiful beaches with high sand dunes. This coast is often wind-blown, for this reason our residence are the right spot for those who love to go surfing. The most popular beach of the area is Baia delle Mimose, a wide coastline, with shallows suitable for children. Another beach to be visited, close to our apartments, is Li Mindi. It overlooks Asinara Island, absolutely breathtaking! During a stay in Badesi there is also the opportunity to visit one of many local vineyards, for discovering grapes which give rise to the fine Vermentino di Gallura. You can also taste it, significantly during “Calici di Stelle” one of the events which promote local wines. Another event not to be missed is “Carnevale Estivo di Badesi”, a popular summer carnival. It is also simple to find food nights, under which you will try tasty specialities of Gallura. Book now your stay in Badesi, you will live a unique experience of flavour and relaxation, on the most picturesque part of the island.

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