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List Residence Alghero. Consult below our list of residences in Alghero. We do offer several special offers, discounts and reviews to better choose between the different residences: after having done an online estimate for your preferred residence in Alghero, you can book online, by email, phone or Skype.

We propose you a wide selection of the best residences where to stay during a wonderful holiday in Alghero, the old Catalan town of Sardinia. This area of the island is famous for the precious coral and the stunning sea landscape. Capocaccia’s promontory and the Marine protected area of Isola Piana, whit the famous Neptune’s Grotto, are just some of the many beautiful places to visit. A stay in Alghero is also a good opportunity to enjoy the local cuisine, based primarily on marine food, like Catalan lobster, spaghetti with bottarga, the paella Algherese, the typical pastries and the excellent wine. Alghero’s soul expresses also through its splendid red coral jewellery, old churches and traditional festival, making this place unique for all those who visit it. Book now your stay in one of the residences which we selected for you, live a special experience of Sardinia, between Catalan traditions and Sardinian nature.

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