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List Holiday House San Teodoro. See below the list of holiday homes and villas in San Teodoro. We selected the most exclusive accommodation for your stays in holiday houses and villas with pools, near the sea or the beach. Get an online estimate for your favorite holiday home or villa in San Teodoro and directly book online, by email, phone or Skype.

For your holidays in Sardinia we have selected the most beautiful holiday houses set in San Teodoro, a destination very popular among lovers of relax and fun. Our accommodations are perfect for those who want to spend a peaceful stay, with family and children. Almost 40 km of coasts along amazing granite cliffs and gorgeous white sandy beaches, surrounded by the aromatic Mediterranean scrub, form the landscape which you can enjoy from one of our holiday houses or from one of the residences situated in the environs. This kind of accommodation is also a great starting point for a restoring walking on the beaten tracks of Monti Nieddu, by foot for a trekking or in mountain bike. In this charming corner of the island you can’t miss the promenade on downtown, among pubs, wine bars, clubs, as well as the handcraft market, which has been attracting tourists for more than 20 years. Make your holiday unforgettable, don’t miss our deals!

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