The Pane Carasau, which is really appreciated by Italians

Pane carasau

Ovens, formerly in the houses and nowadays in the bakeries and in the specialized patisseries, have always intensely worked all over Sardinia. Our island offers a wide and variegated sample of bread and sweets, which are fanciful, tasty and variously shaped. Some of those, till a few years ago, were typical of feasts, but they are daily demanded by the present-day market, that is the reason why it is easy to find them even in the areas far away from their areas of provenience.

Probably the Pane Carasau has become the emblem of the Sardinian bread-making: born in the central zones, it is very widespread in the whole region and it is also very well known in the rest of Italy and in the foreign countries. The Sebadas instead, are among the most appreciated sweets.

It’s important to make a statement: the trade and cultural exchanges among the singular towns of Sardinia have partially contaminated the local traditions. In fact some sweets typical of a geographic area can be easily found in other areas of the island, particularly in the biggest towns. This is not enough to make them become specialities of the area: that’s way some of those couldn’t be mentioned in some areas of Sardinia. .

Photos Luigi Corda