In Campidano spaghetti ai ricci, cassòla and burrìda

In Campidano spaghetti ai ricci cassòla and burrìda

Many traditional dishes of Campidano are made with fish and sea fruits, prepared in various ways: on the grill, in pickling brine, marinate, as a soup or filled. Even meats, since the territory is quite variegated.

Malloreddus: gnochetti (dumplings) of semolina (hard seed corn), generally handmade. This is one of the typical Sardinian “primi piatti” (first dishes). Usually served with tomato sauce and grated cheese (Fiore Sardo, Pecorino Sardo o Pecorino Romano), in the Campidano it is also flavored with: roasted fresh sausage, chopped onion and basil.

Spaghetti alla bottarga (fish eggs): bring the spaghetti to the boil, then pass them into a pan where had been warmed some olive oil with bottarga (dried mullet eggs). Pan-fry them for a minute and now they are ready to eat.

Spaghetti ai ricci (sea-urchins): savory version of spaghetti in tomato sauce, use sea-urchin fresh pulp roasted with olive oil and basil. The spaghetti have to be drained “al dente” , then pan-fry them with the sea-urchin and basil sauce.

Fregola: thick semolina usually handmade (with water and salt) made into small balls: tried in the hot oven for few minutes. The fregola can be combined with meat ‘s stock or with clams and garlic or fresh tomatoes, garlic and chopped onion.

Minestra di pesce (fish soup): the “cassòla” is a typical dish of Cagliari. Fry in a pan olive oil, garlic, chopped onion and parsley, sun-dried tomatoes, after about then minutes add the gutted and scaled fishes from the Golfo: position them according to their cooking time (preferred are normally eel, red/rose fish, grey mullet, black-tail, mullet, cuttlefish, octopus, mackerel, red mullet, crabs, magnosa). Then add a couple of cookwares of water, a little bit of white wine, depending on the quantity. Serve hot with typical anchovies tarts, traditionally eaten by sailors and fishermen that could not preserve bread for long time.

Minestra con casu axedu (suer cheese soup): meat’s stock and pastina (tiny type of pasta, for example “stelline”, little stars). After the boiling, add pieces of casu axedu (suer cheese) melting in tasty strings.

Minestra di ceci e finocchi (chickpeas & fennel soup): leave chickpeas in salted water for a whole day, then peel and cook them adding pieces of fennel (preferably wild varieties), salt and ac hopped onion fried in olive oil. Some people add pastina ( tiny type of pasta ) and fresh tomato pulp.

Culurgiones: the Sardinian ravioli, called culingionis in other zones of Sardegna, are prepared with a dough of seed corn or flour, eggs, salt and olive oil and a filling of soft cheese or ricotta, chard or spinach, eggs, butter and saffron. All dressed in tomato sauce and grated Sardinian cheese. Very tasty is also the variation filled with potatoes, lard, fresh mint, onion and garlic chops.

Panàda di anguille (eels panada): puff pastry of flour and lard filled with tiny slices of marinate ell, garlic, sundried tomatoes and parsley. The lamb version is also tasty. Assemini, a little town near Cagliari, host a “panada festivale” in July.

Ricci di mare (sea-urchins) : during fishing authorized time, the sea-urchins ( called “boga marì”in Algherese dialect) are ready to eat, you just need a knife and a teaspoon. The pulp varies in color from orange to purple red, tastes sweet and can be used as a sauce, for example to flavor spaghetti (look at Spaghetti ai ricci). Serve with white dry wine.

Burrìda: little slices of sea black-mouthed, boiled in salted water and marinated for about four hours in a particular tasty sauce (chop the black-mouthed liver together with nuts, garlic and parsley, fry it and flavor it with vinegar, cook using a low flame). It is better to serve cold, as a starter.
Sardine arrosto (rosted): the most traditional way to prepare sardines. This blue fish, very appreciated by Cagliaritans, has to be cleaned, spread on olive oil and grilled.The salt and the unmistakable aroma from the coal flame make it really tasty. Here is a variation for those living in a flat and whose can not use the traditional barbecue: fillets of oven-cooked sardines, dressed in a sauce of tomatoes, garlic, parsley, garlic and basil chops, olive oil and lemon juice.

Pesci a scabecciu: a typical dish of Cagliari zone. Consist of cleaning the fishes (like mullet adapted to be fried) bread them in thin seed corn, fry them in a pan full of olive oil and once gilded, leave to marinate for one day in a sauce of oil, chopped garlic, (roasted) tomato pulp, salt and vinegar. The taste is strong, and it is often exalted by adding black olive chops and capers.
Còrdula: lamb intestine, carefully washed in both internal and interior side, it is then left in water and vinegar. Once dried, it is tied with a string and it is put on a grill on the flame. It is one of the most appreciated dish of Campidano, and also in other zone of Sardinia