Balai Beach (Porto Torres – province of Sassari)

Rocca Manna - Spiaggia di Balai

Rocca Manna – Balai Beach

Balai Beach is one the most famous beaches on the coast of Porto Torres. It is at the end of the promenade just a few minutes from Platamona along the coastal road.

Set in a small cove, Balai Beach is almost always devoid of wind and consists of a rocky part on one side and a sandy beach on the other enclosed and protected by rocks.

The beach is small and it is inserted in a spectacular landscape scenery that makes of it a real gem. The sea is emerald green, and, depending on the wind, the water can be more or less clear. The color of the water depends on the seabottom which is sandy, rocky and overgrown with sea plants.

The coast of Balai is rather high, filled with caves, and it is famous for the spectacular dives you can do. The most famous rock is Rocca Manna, a high rock from which the locals perform dangerous dips.

Balai Beach is dominated, on the left, by the lovely country church of San Gavino a Mare or Balai Vicino, which stands on a high limestone cliff overlooking the sea. The small church is simple, no apse or tower, with a bare façade in white limestone. About a mile ahead, always on the coastal road, there is another church, Balai Lontano.

The tradition says that the two small churches, Balai Vicino and Balai Lontano, have been built in the place where the bodies of the three martyrs, Gavino, Proto and Gianuario were thrown into the sea the former church and the latter where the sea took them to shore and their bodies were found.

Beach services:
Bar, sun umbrella and deck chair rental, shower. The beach is accessible to handicap.

How to arrive:
Occe you arrivo to Porto Torres go in direction to the harbor; and Cristoforo Colombo promenade. The promenade to Platamona starts at the Church San Gavino a Mare. Balai beach is just past Scoglio Lungo beach.