Le isole del gusto, taste Sardinia

Le isole del gusto

The 2012 edition of L’isola del gusto offers until 25 March excellent menus and local wines available in 25 restaurants in the province of Oristano. A journey to discover the beauties and traditions of the Oristanese supported by a pleasant break at the restaurant.

The average price for a full meal is approx. € 25- 30. If you prefer a single course, you can enjoy a single Mediterranean dish for € 15.

Apart from the price, the restaurant menus allow you to to discover a province and all its flavours.

Here are some of the specialities you can taste: ravioli with ricotta cheese and bolognese sauce, malloreddus de patata cun casu floriu, chickpea soup with fennel and rind, fresh gnocchetti with free-range chicken sauce, ricotta cheese with abbamele (a honey-based product), petza de procu cun gureu de sartu, red ox and many other traditional dishes revisited drawing from the many resources of a territory to be discovered.

The wines from the cellars of the province of Oristano – among the best in Sardinia – will accompany your delicious meal: Melis Abele di Terralba, la Cantina del Bovale in Terralba, Attilio Contini in Cabras, il Nuraghe wine cellar, the Cantina Deidda and Quartomoro di Sardegna.

A unique opportunity to taste the the best wines of the area with the numerous specialities the province of Oristano has to offer.

Info: promozione@or.camcom.it