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Holiday Dorgali 2018

The turquoise sea color of ​​the Gulf of Orosei and the wild and unspoiled mountains of Supramonte represent an enviable natural heritage. Just over an hour drive from Olbia, Dorgali is a town a few kilometers inland that includes the lovely hamlet of Cala Gonone and many of other great landmarks. This coastline includes some of the most magnificent beaches in the Mediterranean Sea, characterized by crystal clear water, granite rocks rising from the sea and cliffs covered with Mediterranean vegetation.

A typical summer day in Cala Gonone has to include a boat tour to visit the many coves and beaches located in the Gulf of Orosei. There are both dinghy boats for hire or private tours with small and medium size boats which may include a meal aboard.

There are some of the most beautiful beaches spread around this coastline that can be reached only by boat. This would also allow visitors to appreciate more the impressive cliffs and mountains behind the little coves. Among the most well-known are: Cala Luna, Cala Sisine, Cala Mariolu and Cala Goloritzé. What to say about these places? Well the views of the cliff and sea are just breathtaking. Many people ask if the pictures from those places have been reworked with some sort of software. They are not! The colors and views are real. But they are not as beautiful as when you see them with your own eyes as you swim in the crystal clear water.

But it does not stop there, for hikers and mountain bikers there are fantastic trails hidden by the rocks and by the lush Mediterranean vegetation. An example of popular trekking routes would include the Nuragic village of Tiscali, the Gorroppu gorge and the Surtana canyon. And for those who love the off-limits sports you will find stunning places and cliffs to climb.

As always, Sardinia is not just sea and sun but much more than that. Sardinia is a great holiday destination all year round!

Dorgali also participates in the series of events that accompany the so called “Autumn in Barbagia” with the “Cortes Apertas” event. So here are the Dorgali craftsmen and women who demonstrate their ironwork, carpet weaving, woodcut, goldsmith's artwork, decorated ceramics, traditional homemade bread and other products of the local gastronomy. During this time ones can visit all the tourist attractions in the area for a special price: from Tiscali archeological site to the caves of Bue Marino and Ispinigoli, to the nuragic village of Serra Orrios and Nuraghe Mannu, to the Aquarium of Cala Gonone, the museum of the Foca Monaca, the archaeological museum and the Museum of Salvatore Fancello.

Most hotels and resorts in the area are family-run and offer a warm welcome to families and other tourists. It is a very popular family oriented resort and it is not overcrowded. In addition, it offers excellent value for money, services are good and the scenery is simply spectacular.

Whether you are looking for an all-inclusive family holiday with young kids or are a couple spending the honeymoon in Sardinian you certainly won’t be disappointed in this part of the island. This is a wonderful part of Sardinia and you should consider it for your 2018 holiday! Contact us and we will find the accommodation that suits your needs! 

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