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Engedras is an internet based agency through the sardegne.com website regularly licensed by Sardinia Regional Government. This portal is available in the following languages: Italian, English, French, German and Spanish: an innovative and user-friendly tool for booking your holidays in Sardinia. It gives you the chance to book your holiday on-line supported by 10 skilled professionals giving you a high quality service thanks to a thorough knowledge of the island.
Our Target
Engedras aims at becoming an important reference point for web-based tourism in Sardinia. We offer tourist packages including transport + accommodation + extra services such as excursions to discover the island's traditions & culture as well as hotels, residences, villas and houses, farm houses, b&bs available keeping the quality standard of tourist offer high. This is possible thanks to a faster and faster technological system which allows the client to customize his/her holiday, and also by means of an operational system focussed on the Sardinia tourist product.
Our services
A high interaction between the website and the qualified professionals on the Sardinia tourist offer is at your disposal for you to choose the best holiday. Moreover all the descriptions of the accommodating facilities such as hotels, resorts, villages, villas and holiday houses, farm houses, B&Bs are just a few clicks away. In each one you will find a full description of services, position, rates, pictures and an easy booking system for you to calculate an estimate. The web portal is supported by our staff of professionals, always kind and helpful in choosing your holiday. Moreover, we can help you to book your flight or ferry tickets, a car or an insurance for medical assistance.
Associated Travel Agencies
Are you a Travel Agency in the National and European territory and you wish to offer your customer a number of accommodating facilities ranging from 3, 4, 5 star Hotels, Resort, Villages, Residences, Farm Houses, B&Bs, Holiday Houses all over Sardinia? Sardegne.com is the most suitable portal! Access to "Travel Agency area" and fill in the form to join us click here. You will be sent user and password to start working with us. Thousands of rooms immediately available, commissions up to 15%, depending on the accommodating facility.
Business Partners
Do you own a web-based portal and you wish to make some good money out of several accommodating facilities such as 3, 4, 5 star Hotels, Resort, Villages, Residences, Farm Houses, B&Bs, Holiday Houses all over Sardinia? Sardegne.com is what suits you the most! Enter our "Business Partner" area and fill in the form click here. You will be sent the codes to be published on your web site.Each user coming from your web site will be your own client., and in case of purchase you will be given a commission as well.
Terms and Conditions
Here you can find some hints on general terms and conditions of sales of tourist packages with sardegne.com. Tourist package contract is ruled not only by General Conditions, but also by the provisions mentioned in the travel documents the customer is sent before acquittance of the total amount of the holiday. You can choose between the following Methods of payment: Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard), Bank Transfer, PayPal or postal order.
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Engedras travel agency Incoming Sardegna
Regional licence no. 255 – by Sardina's Regional Government
Via San Benedetto, 88 - 09129 - Cagliari
e-mail toinfo@sardegne.com
Head office +39 070 4681315
Booking Center +39 070 4522065
Fax +39 070 7737635

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